Harry Johnson’s Bartenders’ Manual (1882, 1888, 1900, 1934)

Harry Johnson's Bartenders' Manual


The first book to comprehensively document the proper steps to opening, stocking, and operating a bar, Harry Johnson’s Bartenders’ Manual is a mandatory volume for novices and professionals in the bartending profession. Originally published in 1882, Prussian-born Johnson revised and expanded this book three times (1888, 1900, and posthumously in 1934) as his own knowledge of the business increased.

Containing the first published Martini recipe and the ancestor of the Dry Martini, the Marguerite, Johnson’s recipe collection is a timeline of the American Golden Age of Cocktails. You’ll find the Morning Glory Fizz as well as dozens of early vermouth family cocktails. You’ll find the 1882 (see below), 1888 (see below), and 1900 editions (see above) fun reading. What is a bit of a disappointment is that the 1934 edition which was published a year after his death with a little prod by his nephew Keen’s Steakhouse manner Paul Henkel does not deliver the lost ” Guide for Hotels and Restaurants” that Johnson mentioned in his 1920 passport application as the material he wanted to retrieve from storage in Europe.—Anistatia Miller

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